Liquid Crystals Today is the society journal newsletter of the International Liquid Crystal Society. All its content is free of charge to all visitors since January 2013. It is published quarterly by Taylor & Francis and contains a colourful mix of research / review articles, conference reports, book reviews, news items from research and industry, the occasional Editor’s interview, and reports of liquid crystals in public engagement.

Since 1990, the ILCS has attracted nearly 900 members in 43 countries and territories on six continents. The Society also serves as an umbrella organization for regional societies established in recent years.

The Society unites scientists, engineers and students working in the broad field of fundamental and applied aspects of different liquid crystal systems, including thermotropic, lyotropic, polymer and polymer-modified liquid crystals. The Society fosters communication among members, establishes the venue of the biennial international conferences, and publishes Liquid Crystals Today, appearing under the sponsorship of Taylor&Francis, as well as e-lc.

Columnar phase formed by bent-core containing azobenzene unit

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