Reactive Silicone polymers are a relatively new class of materials that have unique properties and interesting applications. Despite their name, they are not made from silicon (Si), but rather from organosilanes – compounds with both Si and organic groups. These polymers can be used to create coatings, adhesives, sealants, and moldable plastics.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the chemistry behind these materials and take a closer look at some of their potential uses. Stay tuned!

What are reactive silicone polymers and what are their uses?

Reactive silicone polymers are a type of multi-purpose polymer that can find use in a wide variety of fields, from automotive to medical. Due to their impressive range of properties, they provide benefits ranging from shock absorption to insulation and can also be used as adhesives or coatings.

Although they are generally considered to be quite similar to other silicones, they differ in their ability to create crosslinks when exposed to particular temperatures or catalysts. This ability makes them particularly useful for applications that require good strength and stability such as medical seals, gaskets, and pressure-sensitive adhesives.

Reactive Silicone Polymers

How do reactive silicone polymers work?

They are some of the most versatile materials available due to their unique combination of excellent thermal, electrical and oxidative stability. When exposed to heat or light energy, they release volatile reactive molecules, such as hydrogen or oxygen, that crosslink together to form a network of long chains in a process known as photopolymerization.

As this happens, the polymer holds onto adjacent molecular components and creates a three-dimensional highly resilient structure. By deforming or stretching the polymer repeatedly, it can be manipulated into many shapes and sizes. These new forms can withstand high temperatures and repel water or dust particles for excellent weatherproofing solutions.

Furthermore, reactive silicone polymers are a great alternative for environmentally conscious consumers looking for sustainable materials.

Applications of reactive silicone polymers in different industries.

Silicone polymers are popular in many industries due to their unique chemical, physical and functional properties. They are known for their high thermal stability and superior water resistance, and this makes them ideal for use in waterproofing applications, heat insulation and sealants. These polymers also offer exceptional UV resistance and electrical insulation.

In the automotive industry, they are used in brake fluid systems, spark plugs, gaskets, semi-conductors and so on. Similarly, they find innumerable uses in the healthcare industry too. They are extensively used as non-allergic wound dressing materials and implants due to their non-reactive nature along with excellent chemical inertness. Some of the uses of these polymers also include fine mold making for optical lenses or semiconductor fabrication.

No matter what application it is used for, they always deliver superior performance and make products more efficient and cost effective.

How to choose the right reactive silicone polymer for your needs?

Choosing the right reactive silicone polymer for your needs can be a daunting task. It is important to find a product that is compatible with the intended application and performs as desired. Before making a choice, take the time to research different types of silicone polymers. Consider factors such as the temperature range needed as some may not be suitable for extreme temperatures.

Running tests on samples or carrying out simulations will help determine which type and grade works best. Overall, it’s crucial to pick the product with ideal characteristics for the application, such as hardness, modulus, viscosity and tensile strength. With these tips in mind and after thorough research, you should have no problem finding the right reactive silicone polymer solution for your specific needs.

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