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What is R6M and its formula?

R6M is a Diacrylate liquid crystal monomer, an important constituent of Liquid crystal elastomer (LCE) both electronically and optically. It belongs to the class of reactive mesogens, where it acts as an important monomer of reactive mesogens with birefringence characteristics. We will talk about important R6M applications later. Instead of this, it is used as an LCD monomer and electronic chemical.

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It exists in the form of white powder with a molecular formula of C39H44O10 and is commercially known under the product name of 2-methyl-1,4-phenylene bis(4-((6(acryloloxy)hexyl)oxy)benzoate). It is sold under CAS No 125248-71-7 and the product name of R6M. The molecular weight of R6M is 672.77 g/mol.

What are the R6M applications?

Like many other reactive mesogens, R6M applications are very interesting for scientists and industrialists to explore this particular class of R6M further. Its major contribution is to synthesize different types of liquid crystals to modify their properties to gain desired complexity, color, mechanical strength, optical, electrical properties and switching properties. Getting a better viewing angle for a better watch time experience is also one of the best reasons to explore R6M.

  • We contribute our services to this search by sharing concise research applications of this chemical.
  • It is used to manufacture an important composite material class; polymer dispersed liquid crystal or PDLC, famous for optically switchable optical devices.
  • It is used in manufacturing Liquid crystal elastomer or LCE, where it is considered as a potential candidate to fabricate soft machines because of its muscle-like activities.
  • The synthesis of digital ultra-fast liquid crystal elastomer- artificial mussels with designable complex motion has been reported, and it’s attributed to the addition of R6M monomer in the liquid crystal synthesis.
  • The materials with stable isotropic characteristics and shapes can be manufactured using R6M.
  • Light-emitting retardation plates in-display screen is synthesized by using R6M.
  • R6M applications in engineering for designing medical treatment devices, soft robotics, and energy harvesting are undoubtedly unforgettable. These materials have high bearing and wearing qualities because of their high elasticity and softness.
  • Dielectric elastomers and reversible shaped memory polymers are synthesized using R6M, which is undoubtedly a big contribution to opening new avenues for scientific research.
  • The credit for acquiring actuation in liquid crystal elastomer goes to the compelling characteristics of R6M reactive mesogen alignment, which is achieved in mechanical stretching, field-induced orientation by an external source, and surface anchoring.

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